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J2GHC medical billing services will save your time, your energy and bring you more efficient billing service. Our company is led by a successful team of finance experts and billing service providers. What makes us different from others is keeping many little secrets of the best medical billing and coding skills, a lot of experience of employees, striving for improvement and contribution of associates from different areas. You can have your medical billing, medical coding, AR Calling and many other services such as denial management, revenue cycle management etc. We measure efficiency, and continuously strive for improvement in the field of medical coding and billing to help clinics and hospitals get their claim on time.

Physician Billing

Hospital & Clinic Bills are processed in 12 hours’ time with highly skilled operators

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Hospital Billing

We have specialized trained experts to cater your billing needs.

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ICD-10 Coding

Certified experts with more years of experience to solve you’re coding without errors.

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Medical Transcription

Qualified Medical engineering students are on role to handle medical terminologies and descriptions without error.

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Our experience are in many areas but not limited to the below list: – We have been providing billing services for hospitals for more than 12 years with good quality, and better price. Trust us for your better claim processing experience

Physical Therapy





Pain Management


Ambulance Service


Physician office

Primary Medicine




Cardiovascular and Cardiothoracic Surgery


Emergency rooms


Home Health Care

Internal Medicine

Wound Care





Rural Health Clinics


Whether you need help submitting clean claims, managing denials or pursuing unpaid claims, we can help you get paid the right amount, quickly. Our account managers are organized to provide personalized service and comprehensive support by knowing your practice inside and out. With advanced, rules-based technology and a senior accounts receivables team, we can help you optimize all your billing needs from front-desk processes, patient billing and collection, claims processing and denials management to helping you eliminate redundancies across other areas of your revenue cycle

Key benefits:

Leave billing processes to experienced professionals and advanced technology

Process clear and concise billing statements

Focus internal resources on your top priority — managing patients

Integration with existing practice management systems and workflows

Help patients settle their financial obligations in a timely manner

Improve your practice’s revenue cycle

Help us to know your area of interest

Physician Billing and A/R Services

Bad Debt Collections

Insurance Overpayment Recovery

Self-Pay Early-Out Services

Extended Business Office Services/Insurance Follow Up

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Challenges in Medical Billing?

Always Miscoding chances are 10 to 18 %

20 to 40 % of Account receivable are 3 to 4 months delayed

35 to 45 % of dollars are being lost and not being collected from Insurance companies

Difficulty in connecting to the Insurance agent, follow up and time constrain

Dedicated and trust worthy resources becomes a challenge to collecting the bills

Patient follow-up for balance payment becomes difficult

Many hospitals and clinics goes in to loss and they were not able to sustain in the business


We will maintain

Complete control over your billing and get your money on time to help your operations to run smooth


By improving the level of

Receivables, we have a positive impact on improving business, both for the individual and for the entire business environment.


We have developed combined

Models that, depending on customer needs, represent a unique billing and coding service, whereby the client doesn’t bear any risk, cost or investment at the very end of the billing process, or is it minimal, depending on the quality and extent of the claims itself.


We provide all you

Required to run the operations, and to have a smooth transaction.


Our Values

Our Credibility and integrity are our core priorities. Each of us carries the personal responsibility to the highest standards of behavior, credibility, and integrity in our day-to-day work.

Our Vision

Our main vision is to make the medical billing process simple and easy process for our clients. This process can sometimes seem to be hard and complicated, but if basic steps are followed, it is easy to succeed in the end.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build and maintain long-term business relationships with our clients in the field of medical billing and medical coding services by providing unique services tailored to individual requirements.

Don't hesitate to contact us with cell phone or live chat with our experts.

Support to our clients

In our business, clients are at the forefront, so unreserved support is the answer to them. The fact is that the biggest wish for everyone is his own procedure, but the fact is that we always have access to limited resources that we must somehow distribute in accordance with some criteria of emergency of the procedure. We have decided to apply the principle of market fairness and urgency, which means that urgent requests are always at the top of the priority list, while other requests are divided by type and nature and amount of contract. In this way, we have been able to choose our customers to evaluate (with our help by providing statistical data) the best way to support them…

WhatClients Say

  • Thanks team for your great support and the consulting provided by you on claim procession and the errors fixed to make the process efficient and effective

  • John, Thank you again for all your help, J2GHC – Emed were extremely helpful to us and very professional. They understand the pain points of the customer and reliable on time claim processing

  • J2GHC Medical Billing has more than doubled our collections since we started our relationship with them. Not only are they aggressive and good at what they do, they are also professional and easily accessible.

  • Great support by Hari, Thank you for all of your work and information and the reports generated by you on our billing – Love to continue the project…

  • I spent some quality time with the team, they have good knowledge on the process and AR team to be appreciated more for their aggressiveness and quality output


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