The very process of billing

When you need our help? In USA 95 per people have medical insurance, getting a claim for the patient’s visit is the challenge for doctors, so we coordinate with insurance companies to process the claim fast and help the hospitals and clinics to sustain in the business. How?

Why Us

Patient visit hospital or Clinic for treatment

Insurance information collected from the patient by the front office person

Insurance verification done by the front office and Doctor treat the patient

Patient demographic detail and the treatment detail (superbill) would be provided to the billing company for processing

Billing company would verify patient demographic and superbill and process the charges thru billing software

Claims transmitted to the insurance company thru Electronic/Paper mode.

Claims get accepted / Rejected based on the accepted criteria of the insurance.

Rejected claims would be reworked based on the error and rebilled the claim

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Payment / Denials

Insurance process the claims sent by us and Pay / Deny based on the insurance criteria

Payment would be applied to the appropriate patient account in billing system

Denied claims would be verified / called insurance and rebill the claims by making the appropriate action

The J2 Global Health Care is a steady company, which is developing – and this trend is maintained. Based on the principles of reliability, trust, and dedication, we have established strong relationships with our partners and customers, leading to the mutual development and continuous improvement. We use top-level information technology, with professionally licensed staff, attorney’s office and teamwork, we provide organized and proper management of the job. Huge business experience, knowledge, knowledge of the law and the law combined with the latest technologies are our recommendation.

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We promise to

Deliver high quality and compliant service and solutions by living out our values and holding client relationships in high esteem.

Improve client’s way of work and take it to the professional level.

Most medical billing companies struggle with chaotic internal operations due to sporadic growth and low-profit margins. That is why we have organized an expert team that will work on improving the conditions for you. Our medical coders are professional, reliable, and full of knowledge and experience.
J2 Global Health Care billing software for other billing systems and applications is a fact that has been developed by the leading credit bureaus agency and therefore implies a unique insight, technical knowledge and experience as a result of years of business and use of contact centers and systems for a charge. We have a solution that can be fully adapted to the user and who can adopt the most complex policies and business rules.

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