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Our experience are in many areas but not limited to the below list: – We have been providing billing services for hospitals for more than 12 years with good quality, and better price. Trust us for your better claim processing experience

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Our experienced Medical Billing team is trained to handle a large variety of services.

First of all, our Provider Service serves as a connection between the payers and the providers. We eliminate delays and deliver fast, give reliable service during every phase of the claims process, so you get paid sooner.

Medical Coding means that coders review the diagnoses, medical procedures, and any tests performed during a patient’s visit. Then they convert the physician’s documents into medical codes based on the ICD-10 and CPT code books.

Complete security (password encryption, user roles, data hiding, avoidance detection, audit records).

Use flexible workflow strategies for portfolio segmentation.

External systems: importing and exporting from other databases (automated procedures).

The company develops and manages client reliability programs using advanced tools when needed, such as loyalty-based loyalty programs, customer support through contact center services, etc.

Denial Management improves payment recovery by enabling providers to capture, identify and correct the root causes of denied claims.

We offer as well Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) which is utilizing medical billing software, which healthcare facilities use to track patient care episodes from registration and appointment scheduling to the final payment of a balance.

We use a Document Management System (DMS) in order to track, manage and store documents and reduce paper. We are keeping a record of the various versions created and modified by different users (history tracking).
In our Accounts Receivable Service: you can design an efficient invoicing system and we’ll gather the data to build the invoices.

Emergency room billing is an objection for doctors and physicians. A licensed medical billing company is an excellent option to avoid disputes related to the complexity of emergency room billing.

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What you need to know about – Medical Billing Reimbursement

The most important thing about medical billing process is including patterns for filing claims in the domain of the health care services.

J2 Global Health Care is medical billing company that is well-equipped to handle the task of filing claims and collecting payment. We have trained professionals on the job of medical billing and coding. Our team consists of young people who are very professional and enthusiastic, wanting to learn the new things. What is most important, they are here to meet your needs and do the best in the field of medical billing and coding.

There are hundreds of medical billing service providers, but J2 Global Health Care thinks most of its patients, so choose your medical billing service wisely. We guarantee you will be satisfied with the quality of our service and the knowledge of our staff. In support of this, many years of experience and many satisfied customers speak.

In our offer, you can find Electronic Claim Submission as well. All the claims go through MAC (Medicare Administrative Contractor) and one must take care that he meets the requirements that are established by HIPPA claim standard as well as CMS requirements.

How Electronic Claims Submission Works: We forward the claim electronically from the provider’s computer to the MAC. MACs are going to ascertain if the claims are accordant with the basic HIPAA standard. If the MAC identifies errors, it will decline the claims and will ask for a correction. If happens that claims pass initial edits by MAC, then they are checked in alignment with HIPAA claim standards. When the errors happen on this step, they will be sent to correction if they are individual claims. If the claim passes the first two steps of the process, then they are edited in accordance with Medicare coverage and debt policy specifications.

At J2 Global Health Care you will find Account Receivables Management Service (ARMS) that is specific to suit your company’s style of business, thus maintaining your customer’s loyalty and reducing write-offs due to lack of contact.

Also, do yourself a service and get rid of all those papers, let us do your job! We complete all applications and necessary paperwork on your behalf with the chosen payer networks and government entities. Simply, we want to meet your needs and to effectively do everything that is part of your job. Relax, you can fully trust us.

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Why medical coding?

The American Medical Association (AMA) has the standard billing procedures performed by using Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) manually. Medical coding consists of matching procedures that are performed with five two-digit CPT codes. Several procedures can be included in the application form, but each of them must be dated to indicate when it is actually performed.

Simply, health institutions cannot be imagined without coding. The Health Care procedure is a system (HCPCS) that is used to encode nonmedical services and consumables.

The International Classification of Diseases (ICD) is used in combination with the CPT codes on the billing relay for diagnosis or symptom, used to denote medical necessity by procedures. Diagnostic codes can be used multiple times and aligned with several code steps on the application form. They consist of three numbers and can run up to two decimal places.

We want to help doctors to collect more money on a faster and much easier way. We recommend our expert medical billing services as they will save your time and your nerves.

J2GHC is known nationally for their high level of medical billing services that not only translates to your medical billing done right but also translates into more revenue for your practice.

We are here if you want a free discussion about your billing. We are always there for our clients.

We always like to hear your story and the issues you are having and see how we can work together with your medical practice to improve your overall insurance and patient collections. So, one of the things we are proud the most is our relationship with our clients; the relationship which is based on mutual trust and respect.

Medical billing and medical coding are of utmost importance for the work of hospitals, medical office or any medical institution. The medical bill collects the digits of the medical section for coding and organizes information, calculates the financial costs for each code and then places them on the account of the insurance companies. We are actually your basic support in that billing system.

With the combination of economic strength, expertise and know-how on the market, we have been certified with quality and safety, which provided us with a top position in life insurance, while with the overall portfolio of products we are among the leading insurance companies on the domestic market.
The mission of the company has been the creation and development of a culture of insurance and service delivery from the beginning, whose quality suits the modern world standards of business. Therefore, we develop products that conform to the concept of USA modern insurance and adapt them to the needs and conditions of the domestic market.

So, if you need a Medical Billing Company that you can trust or need to do something about your billing so you can get my Accounts Receivable under control and need help to get paid for the work you do – please, let us help you. We know the best way to fulfill your needs.

In line with high standards of customer protection, our company is pursuing a serious reinsurance policy and pays great attention to protecting its portfolio risk and commitments to its customers. In this way, we strive to provide our customers with additional protection and security. We, therefore, see ourselves as a company that is the leader in creating security and preserving the general and universal values of the community in which we are building and developing our business.

We want to help other medical practices that may be struggling and having problems with their medical billing so they spun for the practice’s medical billing and administration department and formed J2 Global Healthcare.

Guided by the mission of creating a safer future through insurance, we develop new ways of doing business that are the basis of our responsible development, managing risks to customers and employees and mitigating them. We are devoted to creating new values and care about the future and the lives of our clients and employees. Quality, safe and responsible business is not just our goal but also the foundation for further development and progress. Reflecting the many years of existence and professional experience of our employees and associates, the level of quality of our services must be our imperative and at the same time compatible with the most up to date domestic and world requirements and standards. So, choose the best for yourself.

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