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Looking to hire a Medical Billing Service Company? 

J2 Global Healthcare is an end-to-end medical billing and coding company geared towards 100+ of specialties.

We handle entire billing and coding operations from claim creation, quick submission, aggressive follow up, denial management, appeals, payment posting and reporting with 97% accuracy.

We deliver peace of mind!

* Boost Revenues:
Save your time, money and office expenses by outsourcing to us.
* Better Safety:
As a HIPPA complaint and 100% secure medical company ensures data security
* Reduce Labor Costs:
Still spending about 30-40% of your collections for medical billing expense.
* Zero Capital Investment:
No need to buy any software for medical billing process. We have everything with us.

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Quality Policy & Certifications

What we Specialize

Physical Billing

Hospital & Clinic Bills are processed in 12 hours’ time with highly skilled operators

ICD 10 Coding

Certified experts with more years of experience to solve you’re coding without errors.

Hospital Billing

We have specialized trained experts to cater
your billing needs.

Medical Transcription

Qualified Medical engineering students are on role to handle medical terminologies and descriptions without error.

Challenges in Medical Billing?

Always Miscoding chances are 10 to 18 %

20 to 40 % of Account receivable are 3 to 4 months delayed

35 to 45 % of dollars are being lost and not being collected from Insurance companies

Difficulty in connecting to the Insurance agent, follow up and time constrain

Dedicated and trust worthy resources becomes a challenge to collecting the bills

Patient follow-up for balance payment becomes difficult

Many hospitals and clinics goes in to loss and they were not able to sustain in the business

Let us help you reach your full potential

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